Avenged Heart, Sinful Sunday


I am not a beauty. I am not slender nor full of grace. I am not brilliant, I am not young.

But in a room with you, you look at me with such belief that I pray. I have the widest crooked smile, the truest laugh, my marmalade eyes sparkle like diamonds. I bite my lip when you whisper some inane secret in my ear just to see my dimples. You kiss my lips as only a man who has seen too much death does. You make me into the girl that wants to tell everybody our story.  I want to ride wild horses with you instead of run from them.

When I drank all the wine, weeping that I was an orphan now, you swore an oath, you and the fellas would always be my family. You drew me a dandelion and left it on my pillow after I confessed my secrets. You hold my hand on your chest at night. You laugh at my temper and reason with me. You told me you bought me glasses so I could clearly see your intentions. You are the high school jock, the loveable nerd. You are the poet that sketches his desires in words. You served your country as a solider and then served the world with your heart. There you were all this time by my side, all these years. You see through my battle worn visage.img_20160130_183825.jpg

 No diamonds,treasure or glitters, no I love yous, not even a song could ever compare the fact that you took my heavy life stained sword into your wide hand and avenged my heart.

You have awakened my hope and given me a fresh sword. img_20160130_185221.jpg


Sinful Sunday

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