A Beginning of Shadows



Freshly shaved, shaggy hair tamed, Sully steps behind me to clasp my necklace.  “No flirting with Pete, no ordering a salad n then eye fucking my steak, no tequila without me, no Bieber on the juke, nobody’s lap but mine.” He growls possessively holding back a tiny grin.

It started so innocently….

Khaki jeans, white cotton shirt open at neck.  Belt.  Kind eyes as he laughs at my jokes. Full manly lips quirk as he slides his hand under my dress in a filled room. Large strong thighs that I perch on, instead of lie over. Big hand that smacks mine when I try and steal his whiskey.  Deep voice as he whispers into my ear…. ” Whats gotten into you tonight Red?” Handsome open tan freckled face that I gaze at as I say. “I want dirty things, I can’t even explain wanting.”   “Like?” he asks….. Too afraid to voice the smut in my head, I kiss him, hop off of his lap and head over to where to of our friends are chatting. I see from the peripheral of my vision that he watches me. Intently he watches me.

A drink past and I felt his arms come around me from behind, a soft kiss on my hair. He whispers into the shell of my ear to come and have a quick bit of fresh air with him. He carries his jacket out, wrapping me into it, as we step into the fairylight wrapped trees. He stands there looking at me, hand on side of my face, he places my hand on his heart and holds it there. I whispers things and watch his face. He nods here and there, eyes narrowing, lips thinning. He laughs, embarrassed… He hugs me to him and we fall astray, and lose our way.

Thru drinks and dinner, I am either tense or chatty. Mercurial and confused. Needy… aloof.  No rhyme or reason to me. My insecurity presents as jealousy. By the end of dinner my crew is suggesting shots for me and/or a therapist couch.  It wasn’t in what I said, it was how I said it. After dinner drinks were had and the group begans the what now plans. Sully picked up my sweater from the arm of my chair and put his hand down to take mine as he firmly announced that we were tired and going to catch a cab. Kiki caught my eye, E laughed. Tippy stood, confused.  I watched it all happen as Sull made sure extra keys for his house were in place. He asked for a cab and stood beside me in jaw clenched silence.

What had I done……What had come unleashed….?

I am terrified to admit the darkness that lies within me. Most of the time, I am saucy and impish. Quick with kisses and snuggles. I am a hand holding sappy romantic Newty. I am a prophet of Unicorns and Narwhals for pity sake. Maybe its because I trust Sully implicitly, knowing he would never do me harm… that the dark made it through the door….

I took my phone out and tapped away, tears in my eyes. I was bewildered. I kept tapping. The internet wall raised between us. He reached over and plucked it from my hands. Powered it off and stuck it in his jacket pocket. He held my sweater out for me to slip my arms into. Then put his arm around me. We waited in silence. He opened the cab door for me, sat in pin silence next to me on the ride home. He walked beside me, up the stairs, unlocked his door still silent. He walked in after me, went to the kitchen and poured water into two glasses and looked at me.  Silence. So he began….

Call me crazy but you were lobbing mixed messages all fuckin night… what the hell is up?

I am in just a weird off mood, leave it…

Red, don’t be one of those passive aggressive bitches that we both hate…


Like hell, suga. You are on my lap telling me you want “dirty things” Next I am getting one word answers from you. Whats this about? U want me to spank your naughty ass, tell u what bad girl u are? U trying to goad me into that… ?

White hot rage fills me. All I can hear is Andy’s voice mocking my kinky heart. My own self doubt for thinking the things that I have lately. I throw my water glass into the sink and it explodes as I storm to get my things…

He follows and grabs my arm. Whirling me around, I reach up and go to slap him. He catches my hand and bends it backwards…..His hand goes into my hair as he drags me face first over the bed. Holding me down with ease, the mattress fills my mouth as his hand crashes against the thin material of dress covering my behind. I am shocked at the weight and intent. Again and again as I struggle to push up he slaps. 5 then 10 then more. Suddenly his hand rips at my stockings. Further twisting the arm he has held, that holds me down, says move ur ass. I push high on my toes… I feel the hose shed like a snake skin. I try and move up further and his knee comes between my legs all the way up to my girl bits. Pushed in as if forcing me to ride it. He grabs my other arm and firmly ties my wrist together. He leans over and growls unkindly into my ear. Hows my dirty lil bitch now..?

Sulls I don’t know, I mean maybe this….

You don’t know what the fuck you want… You want me to treat you like a whore slut that I don’t give a shit about.. fine… My fucking pleasure.  He spat out as he removed his belt.  Touch the floor with your head, keep your fuckin hands out of my way and stick you ass in the air…

The ceiling fan ticks, my blood rushes so that I began to tremble.  My forehead stops at the cool wood floor. A minute turns into four. The stress of inaction begins to take its toll.

I can see his boots next to me. I breathe for what feels like the first time and the belt crashes against my bottom. I inhaled into a gasp and before I can exhale it strikes again.. I shift and try to pull away. He leans down and grabs my hair… Did I say you could move…he asks. Again the belt whooshes into my skin. Again and again…Hitting me like liquid fire it covers with snaps and hisses. I bite my lips, trying to internalize the pain.   My pussy grows wet, I began to thrum like a soft boat motor.  Fear and lust battling for frontrunner…

He stops, throws the belt on the bed and walks over to the chair and sinks down. Unzipping his pants he opens and adjusts until his cock springs free. I scramble to my knees. Hands still bound behind me. He beckons me with a snap…. Unable to rise I must walk to him on my knees. The hardwood floors digging painfull into my skin.

I open my mouth to lick and suck. I let my tongue flick the bursting pink head. As  I look to pleasure, he looks to own. Grabbing the back of my hair, he thrust into my mouth. Hitting the back of my throat, I gag… He retreats barely a inch. Breathe he commands. Through my nose I will myself to submit to the intrusion.  He fucks north instead of south, hard and fast.. My mouth keeps a tight hold. Through twists, triumph and tenaciousity I serve him. I feel the first hot thread hit, then my mouth feels like a vacant house as he lets it cover my chin and drip down.  His breathing begins to slow. I watch his face still. All of the sudden his hands clap together….

AND CUT, Scene… he calls out laughing with desire still rough in his throat. 

I lean back onto my heels, giggling… checking out the cum all over my dress, breast, neck etc…

Dude, I am like Monica Lewinsky over here, what the fuck am I gonna wear to the dinner next week. 

He kicks off his jeans and pulls up his boxers…  leans down trying to untie the stockings which have been pulled tight from my resistance….

My secret cum stains he says filled with mirth.

He pulls me up and winks. Need scissors he quips…

I trail after him, bottom sore and tight, sexually still a lotus flower.

In the kitchen, he clips my stockings, freeing my wrist.  He slips his shirt off and lays it on the island as he turns me around. He brushes aside my sex hair and undoes my necklace and the clasp to my  dress. I shimmy from it, my lush curves touched by the light from the stovetop. He lovingly wipes at me with a wet dishtowel. Grabs the shirt and slips it over my head, popping my collar ala brat pack.. I step into his arms as he hold me tight to his chest.

Any where you wanna go baby, I’ll drive, he murmurs.

He turns with me in his arms and walks us still clasped together to his fridge, grabbing two cold beers he hands me one. Reluctantly we part. I sit at the island while he he takes the dustpan and begins sweeping up the shattered glass in the sink and on the counter. Talk turns to how good dinner was. How Kiki cut her long hair to shoulder length. How E was going to buy an SUV after years of scoffing at them…

Soon, we were in his living room tucked into the apex of his L shaped couch. Blankets around us as the Tv coaxed a calm. My legs were curled over his lap as he gently petted my bottom. My head in his shoulder my hand on his chest. We fell into a light snooze.  Fellas came home, filing into the room..

Tipp: Thought y’all would be fuckin or fighten..yet its all like a prayer meet in here.

Sully: She’s wearing my shirt, boy… so go look pretty in my kitchen and brings us a beer.

Nick: You two had us worried.

Lance: So everything is ok?

Sully and I laugh.

Me: It’s fucking awesome…..

As I lay curled next to him in bed a titch later, I kept thinking of the secrets I shared under the fairy lit tree. He tiredly kissed my earlobe and whispered sang…

I’m not a one nighter
I’m not a flat liner
I’ve everything in between the harmony you’re singing loud….










2 thoughts on “A Beginning of Shadows

  1. Wow!! I’m so glad to read that he understands you and gave you what you needed. Please let me say this once, I told you so. This was also, if I may say, very hawt and well written. It sounded a lot like one of the stories I wrote long ago and shared with you four years ago. Thanks for sharing, Newtie and now for the tranq gun. LOLz.

    With love and total understanding,



  2. Okay, here it goes. You need to tell him how hot it makes you to be spanked. He missed an opportunity to have probably the hottest sex he’ll ever know when he forced the other situation after he used the belt on you. If he would let YOU react to the situation right afterwards, there would be fireworks. I know from experience because I know how hot I get. He assumed wrong on your motivation for wanting it, so you need to teach him.


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