A is for Anonymous -Sinful Sunday


img_20160206_181533_karen.jpgMy Sully and I are from one of the most magical places on earth. New Orleans. Right now until this Tuesday it is carnival season.. Mardi Gras.  Every year, a fever takes hold of the town. Every age from birth to death comes out to join the revelry. There are foods, libations, parade floats, music, KING CAKE, attire, balls,flame carriers. Brass bands and marching bands.  Doubloons, Mardi Gras  plastic cups,  zula coconuts, trinkets, and beads. Loads and loads of faux pearls. It’s a naughty tradition in the French Quarters to flash the float rider for fancy beads. Many paint their faces or masque. The beauty, the allure is the fact that you are anonymous.  One of many, writhing and dancing. Rich poor it is the most democratic of celebrations. In the weeks before and during Mardi Gras it often heard “Laissez les bons temps rouler!” Let the good times roll….. So we masked and played the songs of our city and remembered Carnival time.

I feel most alive when I am free to be…..Anonymous 

Sinful Sunday
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10 thoughts on “A is for Anonymous -Sinful Sunday

  1. New Orleans is on my list of US places I REALLY want to visit. Going during Mardi Gras would be extra special but to be honest I would be happy to go at any time. I love your description of Mardi Gras and and you look absolutely fabulous in that mask


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