When The Bough Breaks


Take one man sure of himself, add mango margaritas, a sassy redhead, a private room, a fan, Audioslave and lust.

His hands on my hips he guided me up the stairs, crossing through the outer room into my bedroom. He pulled a move straight from a stripper routine…shirt removed with one hand as he dipped and turned the wind machine/ fan on with the other. Two strides in and his hands close around me. He kissed my lips so hard, I felt my body acquiesce instantly. My hands rose from where they were splayed on his chest, to feel his arms and shoulders. His new beard scratching in all the ways that are just and right. He gently pulled back from my swollen mouth and tells me to find us some seduction snare. I go over to my ipod flipping thru list. He sits on my bed with a ‘you are so getting fucked’ look and growls “nothing romantic.”


I am always a romantic… even if its a fucking romantic…. Audioslave it is.

He pulls me to straddle his lap on the bed. I kiss his jaw as he pulls the pins from my  hair, letting my short curls bounce around my face…He opens my shirt and goes to unhook my bra. “Tell me what you want, baby.” He says into my ear.  “You,” I breathe. Creative as ever….. Not.

My lacy bra falls with my shirt and I push into him, shy of my body.  He pulls me in until I am flush over his groin, my body sheltered in the cage of his arms as he drops kisses on my shoulder and neck. The hardest smack imaginable falls on my bottom..  I start almost off his lap. He nips my neck near my ear, saying”Tell me what you want or I am going to give you what I want.”   The music makes it way through the haze of lust as he pulls my hair back , bending me into an arch, he teases my nipples with his mouth….The fairy lights twinkle on my ceiling. He smells like strength and good.  His arms feel safe and steady. Just fall, I tell myself. Fucking let go ……Trust him fool, screams like a girlfriend eating popcorn in my head.

I pull away and he growls again huskily. I put my hands on the sides of his beautiful lived in face and I whisper I love you.  I say those words all the time with meaning. But this I love you came from my dark and twisty place.  He laid me down and unbuttoned my jeans, easing them off my body; he hooked fingers in my panties so they joined. His big body covered me, jeans pressing into my naked girl bits, he was on his forearms above me and he just stared.  My hands smoothed his skin and scratched his arms gently. “Im so sorry Sully.” I say softly tears leaking.


Then he repeated the words I had said with all of my heart the night I retired from my carreer..” I would step on the sands of any shore, anywhere in the world, with you by my side.”   The depth of his heart, the memory, the complexity of his mind; makes me burn with need. The loyalty that bonds us makes us. A sexual sigh escaped my lips as his fingers moved inside of me. Teasing me taunting me to cum to their rhythm.  Shy all at once as I saw my body move, I shifted blindly. The moment was broken, he sighed. My curly hair caught into the fan’s breeze dancing around me as moved off of me and removed the last of his clothing..I pulled the sheet around me as I tried to sit up.  He grabbed my arm and pulled me across his lap  His large hand slapping down on my round bottom before I even caught my breath. Again and again. I tried to pull away from the very thing I wanted. He held me so tight, I could hardly wiggle. “I am so tired of you hating the body of the babe I love.  This is what you want… my pleasure.” Only words he spoke. Audioslave and the wind machine drowning out the smacks. I tried so hard not to yelp or cry. I felt overwhelmed, I felt lustful. I felt challenged yet punished. Then after what seemed forever, he stopped.

I pulled up and he pulled in.  Laying back on the pillows with an armful of me;he adjusted us, protected us and pulled me down on him. I arched as he filled me. The sting from my backside as his hand grazed it. spurring me on. I forgot about my curves, my flaws. I forgot my name, my past. The music drove into my heart as he drove into me. I moved on top of him in the age old dance. So close but not there. Instinctively, his hands rough with me, he flipped me face down like a wrestler and slid into me from behind. His muscled body completely overtaking me, he thrust hard. My neck tucked back into the crook of his, his arms over and around me, he set the pace and tone. I can only explain it as two wild hearts riding a runaway steed. When the pleasure had surged and receded, what was left was no less glorious. Bodies turned towards each other, it was moments of sighs. Staring at each other, memorizing the moments past. You could hear the chains rattle as my drawbridge came down. And he strode forth across the plank into the domicile of my true heart. Audioslave played on. “Wow.” I giggled. ” Aw honey, that just us getting started.” And so it was.


One thought on “When The Bough Breaks

  1. This was raw and real and hawt and, as usual, extremely well-written. You are finally getting what you want – what you need – but it still scares you at times. Keep going with the flow, Newtie and trust Sully and, more importantly, truest yourself. You have a wonderful life ahead of you and I’m so very happy for you.

    Love and so much more.,

    By the way, happy birthday!!!!!!!


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