Secondhand Rose-SinfulSunday


You’re so far away, and the thunder rumbles. I miss your bones, your scent. I ache for the heat in your eyes that makes me feel, I am more than I am feeling. So I take a lover for a lil while. One of wood and steel. A harlot’s tool that helps me sing out, all of our shared lonesome songs.


I feel like faded jeans, a reflection in a dark wet window, a just cold dinner. I look for the me you see….. The Dandelion Queen.

shot_1456078198343.jpgI ache to be the Sin in your Sunday but all I can offer are glimpses of love instead.


Then, you video called me just because you could. Whispering all the naughty thoughts that travelled with you thru your day.  Your lips curved as you took in the flower in my hair and my scantly clad body.

“So pretty, Sugar.” You say.

Oh, Sully, I just wanted to be more than your second hand rose. 

With all of my almost Sunday heart,

I tried to reach the Sin in yours with my smile.


Sinful Sunday

16 thoughts on “Secondhand Rose-SinfulSunday

  1. You have a fantastic knack for taking stunning photos and them matching them with fitting and moving words. You’re a real artist in so many ways.

    BL xoxo

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