Newt Kai



Once.. Long ago in a life that isn’t mine anymore…

I wrote on my then blog, as I entered this kinky crazy world.

I don’t have judgment

I don’t have prejudice

I am open to anything and anyone.

If you have no one

If you lack a voice

If you need a friend.

If your aren’t the most popular

The most beautiful

If you are think you are not,

I will show you, you are.

I will help you find your voice,

I will support your voice.

I will be so loyal.

I watched too many people

suffer from not just having one true friend

to tell a secret or a joke or a tale to.

A place of acceptance.

A place to grieve.

A place to laugh.


When did we begin to leave each other behind?

Some of us are more worthy then other?


Take a min everyday.

Tell someone, a random positive thing or compliment.

Watch others bloom as you grow, in company.


While you feel good about hugging a fat person give a hug to a skinny

cause we all cry the same tears in the dark.

When you talk about your gay{LGBT} friend or insert race friend…

Don’t take offense when they say you cant understand their fight…

Because being a minority is always a fight against a majority.

SO until we fight as equals…

Until we unite as equals.

Until we become one blood.

We have to stand beside what we don’t understand, what’s different then what we are.

And we have to listen, learn and accept.

I was meant to have a dozen kids and a good lusty Irish Husband. I was meant to look after my parents in New Orleans and vacation in the Gulf… I was meant to never think about the father that walked away from me. I was meant to be a million things I will never be.

Instead I have lead a life that is hard to confine to paper. I did the exact opposite of whatever was expected.  In doing that, I have seen vistas that know no jealous other. Grief held hands with every summit. I learned the hard way and kept learning.

So this is all, in the end, I know.

If you ever need a friend

a voice

a haven

I am still here.

X Newt Kai










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