Kiss Me.. Sinful Sunday

Right now I want to be anybody but me. I want to make your heart beat fast. I want to make you Chose me. Pick me. Love me. I want you to take my legs and pull me hard to you.

As you pin me down with your body, I want to taste the scotch you ignored me for.


img_20160806_234041.jpgI want to forget sleep. I want to forget you leaving. I want the man in you to make me purr.

I want to put on a show, I want to be the center of your entertainment.


IF I crawl to you with my sparkly heart in my mouth, will u strip me bare and make me glow?

img_20160806_233430.jpgIf I am beneath you… Under your hands… bent to your will… Tell me.. would you kiss me?

img_20160806_234316.jpg                              Please check out all the Sexy Players of Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday

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